La Puerta de Acala

La Puerta de Acala

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Being classy at the opera

Throughout my time in Europe, I’ve actually been surprisingly adventurous and I try new things whenever I get the chance. Whether it be with food, ridiculous art museums, you name it. It’s one thing about myself that I want to try and improve and being in Europe gives me many opportunities to do so.

Last Monday, a bunch of us went on a UEM-sponsored trip to el Teatro Real to see an opera! Or what we thought was going to be an opera… It was actually a really great deal. I’m not sure how much tickets are normally but we paid less than 6 euros for ours. Someone told me that we got a 90% discount through our school, which is absolutely ridiculous. Needless to say, I was definitely going to jump on that opportunity regardless of how I feel about operas.

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever even heard an opera, except for those JG Wentworth “need cash now” commercials. I was definitely a little skeptical at first but again, I want to try and explore new stuff. And I’m pretty sure an opera falls right into that category.  

However, what we saw was not actually an opera, which was slightly disappointing. It was called C(h)oerus and was a mix between an opera, a ballet and a play. It was definitely...interesting. The singing was great of course but except for the parts where they spoke in French, there were no subtitles. So we had no idea what they were singing about. I also didn't really understand the dancing. I mean it was cool to watch but I guess I'm not a ballet kinda guy, so it was not that exciting for me. But there was also a lot of unnecessary nudity. But whatever. It was a cool experience and I paid less than I would for a chai at Starbucks to get in so I think it was definitely worth it. 
El Teatro Real!
The entrance to the theater
Our view of the stage! We actually had pretty good seats.
Here are some pictures from the opera house because I'm not really sure what else to write about haha. Although I'm in Zurich right now and it is amazing. I really love it and I'm going to be really sad leaving tomorrow morning! But enough about Zurich. That will all be in my next post :) 

Hasta la próxima

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